The Creek Church

1451 Briar Creek Road

Charlotte, North Carolina 28205


2017 The Creek Church     

Welcome to The Creek Church; A place of help, healing, and hope. Here at The Creek we are committed to fulfilling the mandate of Jesus the Christ. Our purpose is clear: To reach people where they are, building genuine wholesome relationships while assisting them to obtain the fulness of God's promises for their lives. 

Are you looking for a place where your children will be nurtured, instructed, and loved with the love of Christ? Camp "Son" Shine is exactly the place that you are looking for! We would love to serve your family!

Camp "Son" Shine will begin on June 19th at 7:30 a.m. We are offering two (2) meals and a healthy snack each day. Worried about summer learning loss? No worries. Our program includes rigorous instruction time, STEAM activities and of course plenty of fun! 

Registration is now open. Use the button above to access our online application. If you need further assistance, give us a call at


StEM Activities

Egg drop, Chemical reactions (making ice cream), and many more. We will engage their minds through Scientific experiments that are also a lot of fun!


We can't wait to engage the inner artist in your children. Learning through art is an intricate part of Camp "Son" Shine


Is there a musician on the inside? You just may discover it while your children are a part of Camp "Son" Shine in one of our music enrichment experiences.