The Creek Church

1451 Briar Creek Road

Charlotte, North Carolina 28205



2017 The Creek Church     

Welcome to The Creek Church; A place of help, healing, and hope. Here at The Creek we are committed to fulfilling the mandate of Jesus the Christ. Our purpose is clear: To reach people where they are, building genuine wholesome relationships while assisting them to obtain the fulness of God's promises for their lives. 

About us

The Creek serves through five key virtues; Faith, Love, Hope, Help, and Healing. Faith gives us the ability to please God for " without faith it is impossible to please God" Hebrews 11:6. In Faith we have been able to face adversity and declare that "No weapon formed..." has prospered.


In love we seek to serve the community in response to God's declaration that it is "with love and kindness" that people are drawn to Him. 

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